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The Cakesman Story

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Our purpose

Cake & Pussy is here to help wake the world from its slumber. Life is too serious to be well behaved! This could get messy...

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 "Let's do it together"

Originally Mister Cake's chat-up line and now a mantra for Cakesmen worldwide. Cake & Pussy is built upon collaborations with people following their dreams... from up-and-coming musicians, to dancers and super-duper-models


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About this site

This site is the home for everything part of Old London Town... the home of Cake & Pussy. So fasten your undergarments and get ready for the many wonderful things to explore


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Meet the locals

 Old London Town is home to the Cakesmen and our top dog Mister Cakes. Raised since nippers on bottled whipped cream and firm spankings, us Cakesman have been partial to a saucy bit of slap-n-tickle ever since


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What do we do?

We have a Shop full of the most wonderful things to transform you lovable rogues into respectable Cakesmen including: Clothing, Accessories and Merch


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Why do we do it?

Because you're born to be wild! We empart the the Cakesman spirit into every product from the Felix Footlong Socks to the General Gingerbread T-shirt... so you will never face another spanking alone


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Is it for girls too?

 Yes! Everything we stock is unisex. We refer to ladies as Cakesmen too... because 'Cakesmanettes' takes sooo long to say, it leaves less time for eating doughnuts


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 About Cake & Pussy

Born in 2015 in London UK, the Cake & Pussy shop operates exclusively through this website. You might spot us at a special event, crazy party or a music video!


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