A Wonderful Tale

Welcome to Old London Town, chaps! One assumes this is your first visit to Trifle Towers? Home to the distinguished gentlemen of Cake & Pussy. Please, do sit down and make yourself comfortable. One understands you are here to find out more about the Gentleman's Choice? So listen closely and I will share the tale of Cake & Pussy...

What's is this all about?

Once upon a time a fine band of gentlemen were tasked with a trip to the North of England, far far away from the civilisation of Old London Town. They fought thieves and vagabonds as they travelled North until they finally arrived. Like true gentlemen they indulged in the naughty pleasures on offer across the town until their cups overflowed!

At this point one of the gentlemen, a prophet some say, received a message from the almighty. "Gluttony can be wonderful, but sometimes you must slow down and celebrate the simple things on God's great earth before it's too late. Show others the way." And so upon the honourable gentleman's return to Old London Town, Cake & Pussy was birthed. This prophet t'was I, Mister Cakes.

What do you chaps do?

The finest tailors and craftsmen in Old London Town have created a wonderful collection of Upper Class Accessories to transform you lovable rogues into respectable Gents and Dames!

Who else lives in Old London Town?

How awfully rude of me! Mister Cakes forgot to introduce you to the rest of the family. Old London Town is home to a wonderful collection of fellow custard loving comrades. From sneaky Black Forest Boris to the delightful Tiffany Teacakes! You can find out more about them in our Shop.

How can I keep up with all the fun?

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Much love and decorum!

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