Story I - 'The Way of The Gentle Man'

For our first ever story shared outside the walls of Old London Town, we teach you how to become a Gentle Man (or Woman) in 6 easy steps. Life will never be the same!

Lesson I - Keeping Up Appearances

"If you're thinking about being my baby it doesn't matter if you're in black and white"2

Lady fixes make-up in mirror


Lesson II - Tea Time

"Always pinkies out"

Gent drinking tea - pinky out


Lesson III - Park Life

"...And this little piggy had fun. A gentle man must explore the great outdoors"

Gent gives piggy back to lady


Lesson IV - Treat Her Like a Princess

"Love is love is love"

Lady holding love box


Lesson V - Just Called to Say I Love You

"Only a fool plays it cool"

Gent in front of telephone box


Lesson VI - Gentle Man's Best Friend

"Introducing *drum roll*... Billy the Bulldog!"

Gent and dog on park bench


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